Celebrating the Birth of British Radar

Chain Home - A Special Event

GB75CH 26-28 Feb 2010

The 365ft mast at Great Baddow is the last wholly intact example from the Chain Home radar system that was developed by Sir Robert Watson-Watt and his team at Bawdsey Manor following the Daventry Experiment on 26-Feb-1935, and played such a vital role supporting the RAF in 1940

Feb 2010 saw the 75th anniversary of the original experiment at Daventry. Amateur Special Event Stations at Baddow, Daventry and Bawdsey marked this historic development

Sat 11-Sep-2010: GX0MWT operated from the Chain Home mast to mark 70 years since the Battle of Britain, supporting GB70BRS at Bawdsey.

13,15-Apr-2012: GB100MWT operated from the Chain Home mast marking 100 years since the Titanic.

  • BAE loan Marconi Maggie, Exhibition Flyer

    Main freqs - 40 & 80m

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